Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Artificial Intelligence

Jun 13, 2022

While it might appear to be a reasonably new concept, artificial intelligence can be traced back to the age of antiquity. That’s right, back when philosophers were mulling over the idea that artificial beings, mechanical men, and other automatons had existed – or could exist in some fashion. Artificial intelligence has become increasingly more tangible, thanks to early thinkers. As of 2022, artificial intelligence is becoming a household name worldwide. So, what else is there to know about AI? Here at G7 Tech Services, we want to let you in on the top five things you didn’t know about artificial intelligence.

Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Artificial Intelligence

The concept of AI involves subsets such as machine learning and deep learning. With artificial intelligence, computers could learn and act on data sets without human programming. Essentially, AI mimics the human brain and thus can surpass the human mind. Over time, artificial intelligence learns and adapts to information and scenarios. While it’s increasingly becoming a household name, there are still several things every person should know about artificial intelligence:


  • Artificial Intelligence is Already Present In Our Everyday Lives: Without realizing it, you’re likely interacting with artificial intelligence daily. If you’ve searched for information on your smartphone, asked your digital assistant for the weather, or used Google Maps to assist with navigation, you’ve used machine learning.
  • Artificial Intelligence Can Assist with Weather Forecasting: Artificial intelligence can take on massive amounts of data and use it to uncover patterns that would take humans days or even months to discern. As a result of this, AI has the power to predict severe weather conditions, such as hail or hurricanes and assist geographical regions with storm preparations. It can also be helpful for solar power-assisted companies by predicting weather patterns that might impact solar production. 
  • Artificial Intelligence Can Restore Vintage and Damaged Photographs: Vintage photographs provide us with a glimpse of how things used to be in the past. The only issue is that pictures don’t last forever. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it is now possible to save vintage and damaged photos using what’s known as ‘image painting.’ Image painting is used to successfully restore images with rips, holes, or missing spots. After being fed thousands of photos, the AI can analyze any picture and automatically fill in the lost or affected areas.
  • Artificial Intelligence Can Help Spot “Deepfakes:” Deepfakes are AI-generated videos that are becoming increasingly more common and realistic. These images take people’s faces and put them on the bodies of others. Well-done videos and pictures can make it appear like someone said or did something they didn’t do. Not only can artificial intelligence make deepfakes, but it can spot them too. AI allows users to spot the inconsistencies in the video and protects people from having their identity and actions altered.
  • Artificial Intelligence is Helping Medical Professionals Fight Cancer: Computers are an integral tool in medicine. Specifically, cancer diagnosis has evolved as a frontline area for showcasing AI capabilities in healthcare. Through AI, medical professionals can predict which people are likely to get cancer. The technology is also becoming increasingly valuable for detecting cancer symptoms at their earliest stages.

This is an image of Mark Zuckerberg with lines on his face and code behind him representing Deepfakes. This image is used in the G7 Tech Services article titled, “Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Artificial Intelligence”.

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