Three ways to tell if technology is holding your company back

May 2, 2022

Company owners and business managers everywhere are beginning to take a hard look at the role technology plays in their organizations. What was introduced as a solution initially, is now being considered a problem. (Therefore,  technology is holding your company back). In fact, it wouldn’t be uncommon for an organization to spend hours trying to work around an issue with technology rather than fixing it. The truth is, even when the software is working correctly, it still falls short of newer solutions that would automate much of what is being done manually. On average, very little attention is being paid to updating or improving the systems already in place, which ultimately leads to overtime hours and increases the possibility of burnout.


Why do we allow this to happen?

Companies allow this to happen simply because of the pressure of daily business. Most business owners are busy trying to keep up with everyday tasks. The focus is on the immediate rather than the big picture of driving efficiency through process change and technology innovations. Another reason is that these realizations happen slowly. Technology falls short, so organizations work around it. “When we first meet our clients, they are frustrated. They [often] think less of themselves because they aren’t doing the best they can do at their job,” says Odeta Pine, founder of G7 Tech Services. Employees see themselves as having the role of helping their company grow and increase revenue through expansion but cannot perform these duties at full capacity. Frustration with technology exists in mutuality. When it stops doing its job, employees are unable to do theirs.


Warning Signs That Technology Is Holding Your Company Back

This is an image showing a stressed out woman at work with a bunch of individuals holding out various devices. This image is used in the G7 Tech article titled,, “Three ways to tell if technology is holding your company back”.

Guess what? Bad experiences with technology are not just “part of the job.” Working long nights and weekends may have begun to feel normal, but there is a way for technology to give time back to its users rather than taking it away. Some warning signs that technology could be holding a business back are:

  • SILOS: A company’s main line of business applications should be able to talk to each other. Healthy technology would allow for a CRM to integrate with other software, and a document management tool should be able to talk to the main line of business applications.
  • Lack of reporting and analytics: Companies with outdated technology can’t report on critical metrics. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. At G7 Tech Services, “we have the ability to automate this data extraction, cleansing and complex calculations that assist in running a company’s day-to-day reporting, budgeting, and planning.”
  • Employees view technology as a roadblock: Many businesses focus on doing their job the way they have done it for years. Not every organization has employees or managers who can see the big picture. These roadblocks can go unseen until new hires show up and wonder why they can’t just get a piece of information from one system to another.


By the time companies reach out to G7, they have often spent years trying to work around the fact that their technology is holding them back and slowing them down. The warning signs are there, but taking action to solve the problem is lacking.


If Only There Were a Solution

This is an image showing a man in a hallway playing with three dimensional, superimposed technology. This image is used in the G7 Tech article titled,, “Three ways to tell if technology is holding your company back”.

Technology is outstanding at doing exactly what it’s told to do. It overwhelmingly lacks the creative spark needed to adapt to business and human communication nuances. G7 Tech Services is leading the industry by helping business managers feel better about their personal and professional relationships with technology. Quite literally, we know how to make employees feel happy about coming into the office. “At the end of a project, the greatest satisfaction for us as a team is seeing the huge smiles across our client’s faces when they realize they have a product that not only works but gives them their nights and weekends back,” shares Pine. Tech can be powerful. If technology is holding your company back and you are ready to put a stop to it, we can help. G7 ensures your team is freed from the bog of poorly set up technology so they can perform at their peak. If people are your greatest asset, set them up for success with G7!