The C–suite seizes AI’s value – with automation’s help

Dec 7, 2023

If 2023 was the year of AI hype and hope, 2024 is the year that AI happens.

Today, executives everywhere have been galvanized by AI’s potential to help them grow and innovate, transform every facet of work, amp up productivity and thrill their customers in new ways. In 2024 they’ll be focused on turning AI’s potential into real return.

But then more than three-quarters have yet to scale AI across their operations and drive meaningful results, there’s still a big AI execution gap fill.

There’s a lot of serious effort – and serious money – fueling AI execution efforts. For instance, by the end of 2024, most companies (88%) will have allocated capital to building out their AI capabilities.

And many are turning to automation to help them execute their AI plans – because the two together are a force multiplier for AI. McKinsey estimates that “combining generative AI with all other technologies, work automation could add 0.2 to 3.3 percentage points annually to productivity growth.

And in a UiPath-commissioned survey by Bain & Company on AI and automation, 70% of executives deemed AI-driven automation either “very important” or “critical” for the future of their industries, while 45% said the integration of automation and AI would transform their industry. They believe AI and automation deliver value not just through higher productivity and efficiency (85%), but also by enabling new product and service offerings (58%), data monetization (52%), and heightened personalization (47%).

Automation is proving to deliver fast time to all sorts of AI values. So, in 2024, as companies get leaser-focused on realizing their AI ambitions, they’ll turn to enterprise automation to help them get it done.