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Data Integration

Analyzing and cleaning data is not a linear process. Even with all the different stages that data goes through, there’s always room to refine the process. G7 Tech Services produces a single unified view of your data making it easier to understand and make decisions.

Produce a single, unified view - G7 Tech Services
Create a data strategy that will achieve your goals

Produce a single, unified view

An overarching goal of your wish list is to decide on a financial or accounting system that captures all the transactions within the company and then insert it naturally into a chart of accounts that can easily be reported on, such as with SAP or Oracle. With enterprise resource planning, the data warehouse that sits on top of it should cleanse the data in order for the system to analyze it in a format that is digestible for the information to be extracted and formatted.

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Common Sense Data Advice

Picking a data system isn’t just a matter of deciding on a program but rather depends on the company you want to work with. Factors such as level of task complexity, in-house expertise, legacy system integration, robust discovery process, and budget should all be taken into consideration. A good vendor will help you consider all options, from selecting an out-of-the-box solution or customizing a program to making sure all your systems talk to each other to get you the results you want on the level you want, all while staying on board to make sure your systems stay up to date with the proper documentation in place.

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