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Finding data about your business is simple. Understanding and translating that data into meaningful next steps is a little more complicated. Using your data, we apply our insight to help transform your business.

Big data and business intelligence are hot topics. But the knowledge you need to make good business decisions comes from analyzing your current system, figuring out where it can be better, and creating the tools that will take you into the future.

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Knowing Where You Are

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence software helps you and your business know where you are.  Collecting and analyzing historical data, preparing a visualization of the data, and reporting the information are the main hallmarks of BI software. It’s like looking back at a map and tracing your journey. BI software provides clarity to your current whereabouts, and that knowledge is absolutely important.

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Interactive Visualization & Dashboards - G7 Tech Services
See the big picture at a glance

Interactive Visualization & Dashboards

Your company leaders, like ours, most likely benefit from visual aids. Graphic depictions of data tell stories and make large amounts of data easier to digest. G7 Tech Solutions will help you learn how to quickly make customizable visual interpretations of gathered information and forecasts.

Whichever financial software you choose to use in our partnership, we will make sure you have easy-customization capabilities to build the most accurate model of how your business runs and how it can best proceed. With your business model in the system, you will have the ability to create in-depth, inclusive financial plans for your entire business.

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Corporate Performance Management - G7 Tech Services
Knowing Where You Are Going

Corporate Performance Management

CPM tools allow you to collect and analyze data and report that data simply.  But CPM adds the element of the future.  Planning, budgeting, and forecasting for short term and the long term are added benefits found in a CPM tool.  Think of your family road trip – planning the stops, picking out the sights to see, and finding lodging – those were decisions that made the trip a true success.

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Predictive Analytics - G7 Tech Services
Quickly gain powerful business insights

Predictive Analytics

Seamlessly integrate advanced and predictive analytics with business intelligence and performance management, making it easier than ever for anyone to quickly gain powerful business insights and take action. Produce extremely accurate forecasts using automated predictive modelling capabilities, at a fraction of the time taken by traditional analytics solutions.

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Data Integration - G7 Tech Services
Take control of your current processes

Data Integration

Analyzing and cleaning data is not a linear process. Even with all the different stages that data goes through, there’s always room to refine the process. G7 Tech Services produces a single unified view of your data making it easier to understand and make decisions.

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