What Is Tastewise?

Tastewise is a GenAI-Powered consumer data platform for modern food & beverage brands

For organizations that want to stay ahead of trends, validate concepts, survey millions swiftly, strategically position, launch precise campaigns, execute flawlessly, and innovate risk-free

Consumer-Centric Brand: Decisions, Campaigns & Products

Start Your 15-Day Trial

  • Get 1 free industry survey with expert insights
  • Tap into new and emerging culinary trends
  • Create unlimited marketing content for 14 days
  • Ideate new product concepts with TasteGPT
Harness AI-powered insights from real-world consumer behavior to fuel innovation, refine concepts, and sharpen your marketing, innovation and sales strategies.


Everything you need to master consumer surveys, leverage market insights and create culinary content

AI Survey Agency

  Get 1 free, tailor made industry survey based    on observed consumer behavior.

Content Agency

  Create unlimited culinary content, including      blogs and recipes for free for 14 days.

Trend Spotlight

  Get a view to the latest and emerging trends      happening in food and beverage.


  Leverage TasteGPT, the industry’s most                  advanced AI model for real time insights

Category Dashbords

  Harness industry insights on the latest                    opportunities for your specific category.

Food Intelligence

  Tap into social, menu, retail and recipe data          for informed innovation and executions.

Our Partners

Cut time: to action, to shelf, to menu

    Self-Serve Research

    Consumer Campaigns & Brand Maketing

    Foodservice Marketing & Sales Tool

    Product & Retail Innovation

    perpetual competitive advantage for your brands with ai

    GenAI Apllication

    Streamline your operations, grow your business, and become a trusted customer advisor. With advanced analytics and automation, you can make data-driven decisions to elevate your foodservice marketing and sales.

    Consumer Data Platform

    Self-Serve Insights & Consumer Intelligence via TasteGPT and AI Surveys. Automate campaigns for wider reach and frequency. Enhance sales enablement for foodservice and retail sales teams, innovate with no risk.

    Enterprise-Grade Security

    Experience an enterprise-grade platform featuring a private cloud with anonymized queries, robust data processing agreements, a proprietary, accurate data feed, validated and explained insights, and prefilled prompts for enhanced usability.

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