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Supply Chain Management

How confident are you that your supply chain management decisions are based on accurate, real-time data? Effective supply chain management allows organizations to limit costs and maximize profits, but only when it’s based on the most up-to-date information. G7 Tech Services simplifies the soaring complexity of supply chain management processes and ensures they are based on accurate, up-to-date data! Internal and external shareholders love the results.

How Can Organizations leverage the volume of data - G7 Tech Services
Gain powerful insights

How Can Organizations leverage the volume of data

Anyone working within the supply chain and planning process is familiar with the endless array of data coming from the increasing number of systems in play. The question lies in how organizations can leverage the volume of data  within their Warehouse Management System, Transportation Management System, ERPs, Distribution Centers, and SCM systems to achieve faster transfer of information for powerful insights and holistic visibility of their supply chain, across multiple functions.

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Evaluate and Improve the Efficiency - G7 Tech Services
Solutions that make sense of the data

Evaluate and Improve the Efficiency

To evaluate and improve the efficiency of their supply chain, organizations need a solution that makes sense of the data, proving to be much more than a simple “alert center”.

Indeed, an effective solution should act as a robust decision-making support, from the financial objectives to market factors, to operational measures and constraints, proactively identifying possible bottlenecks. The use of G7 Tech Services as a centralized hub, or “control tower”, allows decision makers to adopt a demand driven planning process, integrated with the assessment of supply chain performance, giving full control of the process and a detailed view of profitability.

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