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Financial Reporting

Gain the most valuable insights from your data gathered from across your organization. The knowledge you need to make good business decisions comes from analyzing your current system, figuring out where it can be better, and creating the tools that will take you into the future. That’s where we come in.

Finding data about your business is simple. Understanding and translating that data into meaningful next steps is a little more complicated. Using your data, we apply our insight to help transform your business.

Get the Most from Data


Yes, your company’s combined skills are able to make successful strides with your current methods, and intelligent leadership is definitely important in any situation. We will never try to take that away from your company. G7 Tech Services will arm your team leaders, decision-makers, and financial department with unified, organized data.

This streamlined workspace with customizable visuals and predicted consumer trends provides the best financial and operation reports. Combined with shrewd leadership and our support, your new automated system will have you equipped to make the right decisions for your business and employees. The insights you will gain, including real-time performance views, reduce risks and show opportunities for improvement.

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Management and GAP Analysis


Worry not: With G7 Tech Services, your data will always be protected with high security. You can also allow limited access that includes only the information you want to disclose to different leads or departments.

Automation in reporting speeds up the tedious and painstakingly long process of each team having to manually enter in updates and status reports. Automation also dissolves many problems with operations reporting. The data is shared and easily accessible, which increases accountability in departments and employees.

Accountability and accuracy are a couple of the key benefits of automating reporting. With all departments disclosing information into the shared workspace, you have a clear view of how finances and operations are connected in your business performance. You can quickly run gap analyses on disparities you’ve found between plans and actual performance. Real-time views show updated information, so you can spot the problem area, investigate, and make improvements.

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Don’t Guess on Government Work


Here’s where automation can drastically reduce stress, time spent, and potential damage to your company.

The government entities you have to report to differ depending on your industry, and you may have several to report to. With our services and software automation, your business’ financial and nonfinancial information are traceable and all in one place. Say you had to report to multiple countries about your business’ environmental impact within their borders, you could efficiently produce the reports and rest assured that they are accurate.

Additionally, if your company is publicly traded in the US, it is required to provide the SEC and the public with annual Form 10-K reports and quarterly Form 10-Q reports, among others if changes in your company occur. Automation can give you the full scope of your business, so you don’t miss a thing and can kick out reports with confidence.

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