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Don’t let your productivity get bogged down by data silos and dozens of disconnected spreadsheets. G7 Tech Services has the best high-efficiency data solutions for your business.

Business never stops, and to keep up with competition, you need to get things moving quickly. Speed up your financial team’s ability to make decisions by partnering with G7 Tech Services. We will break up the data silos in each of your departments and funnel them into a single base that houses all of your data. We can connect your operations and finances, program variance analysis, and provide real-time data to aid your decision making.

What we do for you

  • Financial Planning & Analysis - G7 Tech Services

    FP&A + IBP

    Make informed decisions faster
    Put all your data and departments together with us. Keep up with the fast-paced and ever-growing industries by merging all of your information from departments to expenses to human resources. Snatch the ability to quickly project outcomes and make informed decisions faster. Combined with an Integrated Business Plan, your company will have connected information, predictive analytics, and a singular house for data.
  • Financial Reporting - G7 Tech Services

    Financial Reporting

    Automating for Success
    Gain the most valuable insights from your data gathered from across your organization. The knowledge you need to make good business decisions comes from analyzing your current system, figuring out where it can be better, and creating the tools that will take you into the future. That’s where we come in.
  • Demand Planning - G7 Tech Services

    Demand Planning

    Understand Your Needs
    Demand planning predicts the most likely trajectory and needs of consumers. Having this information in your back pocket will help you push your resources (materials, payroll, human resources) and pricing in the right direction. Combining this information with business models, forecast analytics, and business intelligence altogether will set you up with the best strategic plan backed by research and machine learning.
  • Supply Chain Management - G7 Tech Services

    Supply Chain Management

    Drive better decision-making
    Drive visibility, monitoring & control, and proactivity along the entire corporate supply chain with an integrated approach. G7 Tech Services acts as a digital control tower, bringing full visibility of the entire corporate supply chain, delivering insight and simulation capability on performance drivers, and monitoring effectiveness throughout every process.
  • Sales & Operations Planning - G7 Tech Services

    Sales & Operations Planning

    Continuously balance supply and demand
    Align supply & demand and integrate key operations value drivers with business and financial variables. Balance demand with supply, integrate operational planning with financial planning, and link high-level strategic plans with day-to-day operations to support the achievement of value creation targets.
  • Financial Consolidation - G7 Tech Services

    Financial Consolidation

    Greatly improves speed and efficiency
    Achieve accurate group reporting, fast closing, and complete financial control in a single platform. G7 Tech Services can help deliver the unparalleled ability to customize and adapt the Financial Consolidation process to your changing business requirements and addresses the challenges that multi-entity organizations face today with intercompany reconciliations, consolidation adjustments, and group reporting.

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