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You've heard all the buzz words


“big data”, “data analytics”, “business intelligence”

But, what does it mean to your business and your business objectives? With G7 Tech Services on your team you can help make the connections and develop the processes that will make a difference to your bottom line.

We focus in 5 primary specialties:

1. Financial Planning and Analysis
2. Operational and Informational Reporting
3. Budget Planning and Forecasting
4. Supply Chain and Demand Planning
5. Predictive Analytics


If you’re new to data analysis, we can help you review your business goals and create a data strategy that will achieve those goals. If you’re already collecting data and generating reports, we can help you review your current systems and figure out if you’re using your data set to its greatest potential.



Once your data goals are defined G7 can step in and build out the applications, databases, and dashboards you’ll need to monitor, analyze, and leverage your information for profit.



Your employees can be at all levels of proficiency. We can help train your staff to maximize their knowledge in everything from a front-end application to back-end databases and security.


Need data insight and not sure where to start?

Let G7 advise you on the best way forward.