Robotic Process Automation Saves Provident Romania 10,000 Working Hours Every Year

Aug 15, 2022

Through the implementation of UiPath’s Robotic Process Automation technology or RPA, the HR department of the personal credit company Provident Financial Romania is now saving the company up to 10,000 hours a year. Automation not only removed human error but significantly increased efficiency in on-boarding new employees.  


“We calculate that the robots we have built so far are saving us over 10,000 hours of work a year, not to mention reducing the risk of errors to zero and delivering tasks on time at all times. Staff have been taught how to use them and are provided with user manuals. All new colleagues are also trained in the functions that use the robots and are given access to run the robot based on a predefined operating schedule. They love these robots and feel that RPA is a great help for them.” 


-Oana Negut • Business Innovation Manager, Provident Financial  


People Come First

This is an image of two people reviewing a document on a tablet. This image is gound on the Provident Romania website and is used in the G7 Tech article titled, “Robotic Process Automation Saves Provident Romania 10,000 Working Hours Every Year”

“People Come First” is a core tenant of Provident Finacial’s company values. With this in mind, they strive to create an exciting and dynamic work environment, where employees can excel. However, this philosophy was missing in the company’s HR department. The tedious tasks and paperwork involved in on-boarding new employees left staff stressed and exhausted, leading to high employee turnover, which, in-turn, compounded the situation.  

To address these issues within their HR department, the company launched a pilot project using UiPath’s Robotic Process Automation technology to automate the employee on-boarding process. This effort resulted in the creation of a robot, named Arya who was tasked with managing all the information and documentation related to potential hires, a critical yet monotonous job. With Arya, the department was able carry out these processes by up to 30x faster.  


“After the pilot project, staff couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw Arya completing tasks that most people usually hated to do. From that moment onwards, we got more and more involvement from the HR team to increase the number of people inside the organization and we received multiple requests from different departments to review their processes.” 

-Oana Negut 


Pilot Success


Following the success of the pilot program, Provident Financial not only expanded the implementation of Robotic Process Automation technology to automate more tasks in HR, but into other sectors within the company as well. Now that Provident Financial Romania has experienced the successes of automation, they aren’t stopping with themselves. They are now planning to expand RPA deployment throughout their parent company as well.