Common Oil & Gas Industry Challenges

By identifying organizational inefficiencies and deploying tailored technology solutions to bridge gaps & support team members we are able to streamline processes..

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Our Mission

To Make Technology More Human

We were founded with the understanding that technology has the ability to empower humanity to do their best work, but that technology often misses the mark simply because it is excellent at doing exactly what it’s told to do. However, in that interest, it often misses the nuances of human communication and lacks the ability to apply a creative approach to ensure the ultimate goal is achieved. We fill that gap and translate humanity into technology so technology can serve our growth!

Our Core Values


Not only do we make technology and data accessible and usable to our clients, but WE are accessible to our clients! This is not a situation where you’ll hire us and never hear from us again!


Not only are we accessible, but we are accountable for finishing the work we are hired to do!


We can only perform to your expectations if we can be transparent about what we can and can’t do for you from the get-go, and along the way as we proceed down your project path!


Our aim is to help organizations and people be creative in how they tackle problems to ensure we’re designing the custom fit perfect solution for your organization! This goes beyond initial concepts & projections and may involve partnering for years to come on identifying & then implementing one technology, then another, then another! Our goal is to get to know what YOU need and what will get you ahead of the game to make you more innovative, whether that’s processes or more…show Less

Our Process


Discovery & Analysis

Schedule time to sit down with both our technology team and a client guide to sit and listen to what’s going on with you, your challenges & needs and share some ideas to help you out right off the bat! At this point, if needed, we’ll also deploy our proprietary Robotics Process Automation to map out internal processes & identify organizational inefficiencies.


Strategic Plan Development

We’ll take what we learn about your unique situation to design the perfect intersection of tech solutions to streamline organizational challenges and empower innovation. Most importantly, we’ll ensure that this plan is designed for a phased approach so you can start seeing the benefits sooner rather than later!


The Solution Development

Once we’ve designed your tailored solution, and received your sign-off to implement it, we will work with your team to build your custom application. We will prioritize ensuring it integrates seamlessly into their day-to-day operations to ensure it truly does achieve organizational goals.


The Deployment

Once we’ve designed your tailored solution, and received your sign-off to implement it, we will work with your team to build your custom application. We will prioritize ensuring it integrates seamlessly into their day-to-day operations to ensure it truly does achieve organizational goals.Once designed and built, we will walk step-by-step with your team through deploying it and ensuring that all employees who interface with the solution are trained and comfortable using it to maximize their productivity & streamline their processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Working with G7 Tech Services has a handful of specific upsides that directly decrease costs and increase profitability:
    1. We give organizations the ability to predict the lifetime of equipment in plants and thereby reduce downtime by indicating when equipment needs to be maintenanced or replaced prior to manufacturing breakdown
    2. We tie together supply-and-demand into an easily understandable and transparent dashboard based on your data. This empowers organization leadership to easily track how much product is needed and adjust production to ensure the right amount of product is readily available. This narrows the gap between current processes and on-demand
    3. production, limits the costs associated with storage, and shortens cash flow cycles
    4. We establish the ability to track all the different phases a barrel of oil goes through before reaching its final form and how long it takes based on your current production process. Managers can easily see when to start and stop production based on this plus the supply-and-demand dashboard
    5. Lastly, by improving strategic decision-making timelines we enable organization leadership to focus on the money-making tasks and projects instead of trying to determine whether data is accurate or wrangle with technology

Our custom created dashboards enable executives to spend more time on forecasting and action planning because our dashboards make it easy to ‘slice and dice’ information. This allows executives to easily understand not just the data, but what it means and translates to more informed business decisions that are made on real-time and current information

  1. G7 Tech Services will deploy our proprietary Robotics Process Automation to map out your internal processes and combine that data with our experienced team of automation experts and engineers. Once we’ve identified where the data is produced in its raw form we can create proprietary codes to pull that data, clean it up, and insert it into your custom designed dashboard. This process can be applied across all departments and whether that data is generated and stored in the cloud or onsite.

G7 Tech Services is able to automate & improve EPA reports and State and Local Regulation Reports to ensure that they are not only available to be filed on-time, but they are also available to be used for better-informed decision making by executives.

  1. Most challenges with Scenario-Based Cash Flow Forecasting stem from either user-error in importing and deciphering data, or lack of bandwidth to account for multiple scenarios.
    G7 Tech enables organizations to avoid these pitfalls by providing custom-tailored financial tools that automate the mundane and repetitive activities to empower more up-to-date and comprehensive forecasting. Rather than relying on excel or inadequate accounting software that fails to consider the full spectrum of cash inflows and outflows to build scenarios for human consideration, our technology creates the ability to run multiple-scenario (best case, worse case, and everything in between) forecasting at a click. Additionally, our tailored, all-in-one, real time solutions bring together our client’s financial models with the Cash Flow Forecast itself. This means that projections can better align with expense forecasting, revenue forecasting, overhead cost plans, and more. This brings real-time updates to the projections as things change in your organization and eliminates the chance of important information ending up siloed or lost in the clutter.
    With G7 Tech Services, our clients benefit from a single-platform, unified financial model to make informed decisions.

Book Discovery & Analysis With G7 Tech Services

If you’re ready to eliminate financial and time waste in your team, schedule an initial analysis with the G7 Tech Team to identify the opportunities in your processes. We will coordinate for two members of our technology team and one of our technology tailors to sit down and identify not just the roots of the challenges facing your group and some of the ideas and solutions available to you.