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Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash Flow Any beach lover can tell you the ebb and flow of tides can be extreme.  The world’s most extreme can be found in North America.  In the...
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G7 Tech Services Partners with Penngood

G7 Tech Services Partners with Penngood on Aligning Processes & Supporting Charities by Utilizing Data Austin, Texas Nov 16, 2020- Penngood is the newest addition to the distinguished list...
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Operational Expense Forecast

The beauty of an operational expense forecast is the clear picture of the money it takes for your organization to make money.  You have heard it before; it takes...
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Revenue Forecasting

Sayings like “Red sky at night – sailor’s delight” Long before the evening news contained a daily weather outlook, people were making forecasts based on the things they noticed...
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A World of Automation and Technology

The classic 1960’s cartoon, The Jetson’s The Jetson’s, presented a world of automation and technology.  With a push of a few buttons, meals were prepared.  Robots took care of...
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