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Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month The month of March brings about Women’s History month. The origins lie in a presidential proclamation in 1981 establishing Women’s history week as the week of...
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Data Security and SaaS BI

The continued pandemic and evolving work environments have contributed to changing trends in 2021. Two trends, data security and SaaS BI, have been gaining traction for years but will...
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Power of Words

I grew up in a small town.  Anyone’s grandmother was everyone’s grandmother.  The grandmothers were always willing to dole out advice, lessons, and wisdom that only came with age. ...
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Operational Expense Forecast

The beauty of an operational expense forecast is the clear picture of the money it takes for your organization to make money.  You have heard it before; it takes...
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A World of Automation and Technology

The classic 1960’s cartoon, The Jetson’s The Jetson’s, presented a world of automation and technology.  With a push of a few buttons, meals were prepared.  Robots took care of...
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