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Reduce Costs

By identifying organizational inefficiencies and deploying tailored technology solutions
to bridge gaps & support team members we are able to streamline processes..

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Why autumn leaves turn red? It's not easy being red!
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Roi Calculator

Identify how much your organization could save annually from working with G7 Tech Services to streamline the budgeting, forecasting & reporting processes alone:

Consider, if working with G7 Tech Services could save your organization this much just in regards to the Budgeting, Forecasting & Reporting processes, what other possibilities exist.

Our Mission

To Make Technology More Human

We were founded with the understanding that technology has the ability to empower humanity to do their best work, but that technology often misses the mark simply because it is excellent at doing exactly what it’s told to do. However, in that interest, it often misses the nuances of human communication and lacks the ability to apply a creative approach to ensure the ultimate goal is achieved. We fill that gap and translate humanity into technology so technology can serve our growth!

Our Core Values


Not only do we make technology and data accessible and usable to our clients, but WE are accessible to our clients! This is not a situation where you’ll hire us and never hear from us again!


Not only are we accessible, but we are accountable for finishing the work we are hired to do!


We can only perform to your expectations if we can be transparent about what we can and can’t do for you from the get-go, and along the way as we proceed down your project path!


Our aim is to help organizations and people be creative in how they tackle problems to ensure we’re designing the custom fit perfect solution for your organization!

Our Team

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