Is your CPM System Flexible, Able to Bend and Change with Time?

Aug 2, 2021

The best CPM systems are like palm trees.  They move; they bend; they accommodate.

It’s hurricane season here and I’m always amazed by the footage taken from the storms.  Sure, the weatherman standing in the storm leaning into the wind is impressive, but have you ever watched the palm trees?  Palms are incredibly flexible, and some species can bend to nearly 45 degrees without snapping.  While it’s important to be the calm in a storm, it might be even more valuable to be the palm in the storm.

We live and work in a world that is constantly in flux.

The needs of a customer or client today may be wildly different in just a few short months.  Because of this changing environment, it’s necessary to be able to change and adapt quickly.  If you are utilizing a Corporate Performance Management system that still requires you to manually input information, it is time to reevaluate your CPM system.  The time required to manually update is costly. It slows down your decision making process and hinders your ability to pivot as needed.  If your protocol requires a sign off for each step and approvals for changes, it is even more time consuming and rigid.  Eventually, you, your employees, and your company will snap.

The best CPM systems are like palm trees.  They move; they bend; they accommodate.

An ideal CPM doesn’t require complex coding to work.  It relies instead on user-friendly and familiar features like drag-and-drop capabilities.   It should be able to grow with you.  Rather than developing a new system in a few years, your CPM should be able to meet your needs today and then adjust to meet your needs tomorrow.

Next time you visit a beach or tropical location, take a look at the palms.  Some may curve and some even have bends, but they are still there.  They bend but almost never break. A quality CPM is the same.  It will curve and bend with you as you weather both the sunny and stormy days.