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Data-Driven Solutions For Your Industry

We love finding data solutions

We work with small to medium-sized financial, energy, non-profit, professional sports, communications, and media companies.

But, really, we can work with any company with business intelligence and data questions.

Our services help improve your data analysis, reporting, and insights so that you can make better business decisions.

Here’s some thoughts about specific industry needs, but feel free to contact us for detailed answers to your questions.


Up to the minute data is vital in making good financial decisions. This is true for most businesses but even more so for banks, lenders, and credit unions. However, different types of financial companies require unique solutions when leveraging data.

For example, Credit Unions are not-for-profit institutions, they are member focused, returning profits to members through lower loan interest rates, higher interest on deposits, and lower fees. Understanding member profiles is key. By analyzing spending habits, what they’re spending money on, where they’re spending it, and when, we can use the data to determine account fees and customized lending products. More efficient processes mean a better experience and more money returned to their members.


The energy industry is constantly evolving, thanks to changes in technology, weather, regulations, and risk. We can assess data upstream, midstream and downstream, including processing, outages, loads and barrels, billing, financial and executive reporting as well as examine operations efficiencies such as driver and routes analysis to identify inefficiencies in your business.

The way a utility company interacts with data is also evolving. Are your customers getting data that is easy to understand and relevant to the decisions they have to make?

Whether you’re a Natural gas company, solar provider or utility company we can help you find the data insights that deliver a competitive advantage.



Nonprofit financial accounting requires an experienced partner who understands the requirements and restrictions unique to this sector. 

Luckily, G7 has worked with several nonprofits and can help advise you in tracking net assets, organizing programs in your financial records, overhead reporting, and fundraising recording. So, if you’re preparing your year end statement of activities and financial position or you need better reporting to guide your financial decisions, we’re here to help. 


Whether you have a regional collection of television stations or worldwide collection of media channels and content creation G7 can help you to see the overall financial picture. In today’s communication landscape, one parent company can have many industries under its umbrella. Getting website companies, radio stations, and movie studios all speaking the same financial language is a challenge.

G7 has gained a unique set of knowledge and experience in this industry which we can leverage for your company.

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