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Analyze, Plan and Simulate

The Pharmaceutical industry is based on scientific and clinical innovation, rather than an easily repeatable process. Furthermore, both from a social and economic standpoint, the Life Science industry is substantially changing due to an ageing and growing population, increasingly educated patients, as well as an ongoing consolidation of the market.

From the laboratory to the shelf, G7 Tech Services enhances all decision-making processes of pharma companies through a single platform for analysis, planning and simulation.

Problems We Solve - G7 Tech Services

Problems We Solve

To continue innovating successfully in the future and focus increasingly on the patient, the Pharmaceutical Industry needs to profitably address its R&D efforts and evolve its traditional selling approach. That means properly managing and controlling the big data sets which are scattered throughout the supply chain.

Comprehensive Market Evaluation - G7 Tech Services

Comprehensive Market Evaluation

Combining Financial and S&OP planning and analysis with portfolios of anonymous patient records and research data, G7 Tech Services allows the pharma industry to take full advantage of the comprehensive market evaluation provided by the healthcare data service companies. Thanks to detailed simulation on products and client bases, organizations can adapt their commercial strategy to changing conditions – such as Tender Events, Loss of Exclusivity (LoE) and competition.

G7 Tech Services
Delivering the Highest Return - G7 Tech Services

Delivering the Highest Return

Pharma companies can determine the most profitable mix of projects for their R&D divisions and commercialize the right drug with the right time-to-market. G7 Tech Services provides scenario management capabilities and project forecasting make it possible to better allocate innovation funds and headcount to deliver the highest return.

G7 Tech Services

Ad-Hoc Solutions

From early-stage activities through to the end-of-life cycle of any product, G7 Tech Services helps pharma organizations to make better research and commercial decisions by combining analysis, planning and simulation. We support pharma companies to achieve clinical, operational and financial excellence and strengthen collaboration with suppliers and customers.

  • Define the most profitable mix of projects by integrating project analysis, planning, and forecasting
  • Gain more in-depth insight into operational issues within the supply chain and the logistics flow
  • Enhance sales rep/ doctor relationships by monitoring sales campaigns and doctor confidence/ sentiment analysis
  • Fine-tune dynamic pricing strategies by integrating promotions forecasting with demand forecasting
G7 Tech Services

All-in-one Solution for better decisions

Create Transparency

Gain full visibility of financial and operational data with a single point of truth, from stock levels to sales

Drive Efficiency

Speed up decisions, automate processes, and identify areas for performance improvement with ease

Generate Strategic Insight

Forecast the impact of future scenarios on costs, output, sales, and more with business modeling capabilities

Enable Collaboration

Create an Integrated Business Planning approach, bringing all departments together to agree on a go-to-market plan

Augment Decision-Making Capabilities

Provide employees with the information they need to make fast, informed decisions

G7 Tech Services

Key Capabilities

HR, R&D and Project Management
  • Resource Demand Planning & Simulation
  • Project Planning
  • Project Staffing
  • Hiring & Re-Skilling Plan
Demand and Operations
  • Demand-driven Planning, down to individual SKU
  • Sales & Operational Planning – Manufacturing Integration
  • Driver-based Forecasting
  • Rough Cut Capacity Planning (RCCP)
  • Spare Parts and Stock Projection
  • Warehouse Capacity Planning
Sales and Marketing
  • Quote-to-order Conversion Rate Analysis
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Bidding
  • Options Configuration & Pricing
  • CRM Analytics
  • Branch & Division Comparative Performance

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