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Oil & Gas

Facilities, pipeline and corporate are on the same page

Digitalization of the Oil & Gas industry is at an early stage, with most companies yet to standardize their applications and technology. However, geopolitical and market conditions are forcing the Oil & Gas sector to better manage structured and unstructured data, as well as dark data, along the entire supply chain. Oil & Gas companies need to align all the sources of their data, from the Exploration and Production (E&P) processes to transport and refining, from subcontractor management to market distribution.

Oil & Gas Companies that enter the digital space will be able to trace, combine and leverage technical, operational and financial data within a business environment full of risks and opportunities. G7 Tech Services helps Oil & Gas companies to optimize all areas of the business, as well as to uncover untapped markets.

Problems We Solve - G7 Tech Services

Problems We Solve

Companies across the Oil & Gas Industry are experiencing constant pressure: commodity price volatility, climate regulation and a greater penetration of renewables. At the same time, they are lagging behind other industries in combining different sources of data and plans because of an unresolved legacy debt. The result is scattered information and – consequently – a disconnection between plants and corporate.

Robust Platform - G7 Tech Services

Robust Platform

Using a robust platform for Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) KPIs, playing the role of Enterprise Control Tower, makes plants more intelligent and enhances transport, refining and distribution processes, providing full end-to-end visibility along the Hydrocarbon Supply Chain. With predictive analytics capabilities in place, companies can proactively and accurately manage assets across sites, while also evaluating multiple scenarios.

G7 Tech Services
Single Interactive Environment - G7 Tech Services

Single Interactive Environment

G7 Tech Services enables Oil & Gas companies to analyze, plan and simulate for upstream, midstream and downstream processes in a single interactive environment. Whether focusing on operational excellence, product leadership or customer relationships, we empower business users to improve their decisions, combining Strategic and Financial plans with other operational plans such as Transport planning or Demand Planning.

G7 Tech Services

Ad-Hoc Solutions

Integrating supply chain strategy, demand planning and execution in a single BI & CPM solution, G7 Tech Services allows oil rig/plant operatives to contextually collaborate with refinery workgroups or with the home office.

  • Simulate Inventory Development
  • Fine tune budgeting for planned and unplanned downtime
  • Evaluate suppliers by monitoring order fulfilment lead tome and on-time delivery KPIs
  • Assess work order status, reliability uptime, downtime and meantime to failure (MTTF)
G7 Tech Services

All-in-one Solution for better decisions

Create Transparency

Gain full visibility of financial and operational data with a single point of truth, from stock levels to sales

Drive Efficiency

Speed up decisions, automate processes, and identify areas for performance improvement with ease

Generate Strategic Insight

Forecast the impact of future scenarios on costs, output, sales, and more with business modeling capabilities

Enable Collaboration

Create an Integrated Business Planning approach, bringing all departments together to agree on a go-to-market plan

Augment Decision-Making Capabilities

Provide employees with the information they need to make fast, informed decisions

G7 Tech Services

Key Capabilities

HR, R&D and Project Management
  • Resource Demand Planning & Simulation
  • Project Planning
  • Project Staffing
  • Hiring & Re-Skilling Plan
Demand and Operations
  • Demand-driven Planning, down to individual SKU
  • Sales & Operational Planning – Manufacturing Integration
  • Driver-based Forecasting
  • Rough Cut Capacity Planning (RCCP)
  • Spare Parts and Stock Projection
  • Warehouse Capacity Planning
Sales and Marketing
  • Quote-to-order Conversion Rate Analysis
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Bidding
  • Options Configuration & Pricing
  • CRM Analytics
  • Branch & Division Comparative Performance

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