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Insurance Claims

For any insurance company analytics is the backbone behind every strategic decision. Analytics drive underwriting, claims and distribution, product development, campaign targeting and product promotion. An analytics-driven approach is vital at an organization-wide level to improve competitiveness in an increasingly evolving market.

The flexibility of underlying platform G7 Tech Services uses enables our solution to be tailored to the individual requirements of your organization, adapting accessibility, security and visibility to the needs of your business structure.

Problems We Solve - G7 Tech Services

Problems We Solve

Many insurance firms are in the process of or have already established a culture within the business often coined ‘Centers of Excellence’ or ‘Analytics Competency Centers.’ However, little progress is made when vital time taken to make a decision is lost due to interpreting the context of results across the full value chain. Information needs to be in the hands of all decision-makers, not waiting to be deciphered by business analysts compartmentalized away from the frontline and operational sides of the business.

Make Better Decisions - G7 Tech Services

Make Better Decisions

The use of analytics and data visualization has a fast, effective impact upon vital decision-making for business. This is through real-time updates in the form of dashboards, scoreboards and KPIs enabling quicker response times to broker/advisor/call center performance.

G7 Tech Services
Better Visibility - G7 Tech Services

Better Visibility

By incorporating rigorous workflow into the budgeting process, the G7 Tech Services solution will enable a new level of control, governance and auditability over the traditional spreadsheet approach bringing visibility to the business for increased stability and resilience.

G7 Tech Services

Ad-Hoc Solutions

With the unified technology used by G7 Tech Services, insurers have brought together financial and operational data for more agile planning, real-time reporting, more effective risk modelling and a comprehensive understanding of their exposure.

  • Propensity modeling by product, commercial line, geographical area, branch office, client type and original policy issue
  • Underwriting workbench
  • Pipeline / sales forecasting
  • Advisor / broker remuneration modeling / forecasting
G7 Tech Services

All-in-one Solution for better decisions

Create Transparency

Gain full visibility of financial and operational data with a single point of truth, from stock levels to sales

Drive Efficiency

Speed up decisions, automate processes, and identify areas for performance improvement with ease

Generate Strategic Insight

Forecast the impact of future scenarios on costs, output, sales, and more with business modeling capabilities

Enable Collaboration

Create an Integrated Business Planning approach, bringing all departments together to agree on a go-to-market plan

Augment Decision-Making Capabilities

Provide employees with the information they need to make fast, informed decisions

G7 Tech Services

Key Capabilities

HR, R&D and Project Management
  • Resource Demand Planning & Simulation
  • Project Planning
  • Project Staffing
  • Hiring & Re-Skilling Plan
Demand and Operations
  • Demand-driven Planning, down to individual SKU
  • Sales & Operational Planning – Manufacturing Integration
  • Driver-based Forecasting
  • Rough Cut Capacity Planning (RCCP)
  • Spare Parts and Stock Projection
  • Warehouse Capacity Planning
Sales and Marketing
  • Quote-to-order Conversion Rate Analysis
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Bidding
  • Options Configuration & Pricing
  • CRM Analytics
  • Branch & Division Comparative Performance

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