How automation revolution HR departments? Save time and money!

Jul 25, 2022

We recently published an article, “Do you know how automation is transforming HR? The incredible future is coming”, and the information provided in the article is just the tip of the iceberg. The reality is, automation is revolutionizing HR departments across multiple industries. These changes are so impactful that we are devoting yet another article to the topic, and diving further! 


How Automation is revolutionizing HR Departments


Compensate and reward employees:

Within the past few years, we have seen an unprecedented number of companies hiring for various positions and have little success keeping their employees. Now, companies are desperately trying to hire qualified candidates while spending an exorbitant amount of time and money. This is where automation can come in! Automation can help human resource departments:

  • Employee list generation eligible promotion and rewards
  • Finalize bonus and incentive payments
  • Generate electronically signed letters, send letters to HR
  • Manage benefits administration
  • Create and manage reports
  • Manage rewards and recognition


Manage Employee Movements:


This is an image of a business man tinkering with an iPad. This image is used in the G7 Tech article titled, “How automation revolution hr departments? Save time and money!”

Oftentimes, companies like to hire from within as they already have a report. Though this is in an HR department rather than onboarding a new employee, it does take time. However, automation can help by:

  • Changing employee compensation within the HR system
  • Easily create and manage reports
  • Manage employee relocation and deployment


Managing Life and Special Events


When employees need to request leave, or vacation, and make use of benefits, the HR department has to spend time documenting their requests. Yet again, this is another way in which automation is helpful, and this is how:


  • By receiving the employee requests and validating their eligibility
  • Preparing necessary certificates (defined by a template) and send to the employee
  • Create and manage reports


Offboarding Employees


When HR departments have to offboard employees, the tasks can be incredibly time-consuming. Here, again, is where automation can help:

  • PF, ESOP transfer 
  • Distribute the form 16 requests
  • Create attrition reports


Final thoughts:


There are so many ways in which automation is revolutionizing HR departments across multiple industries! Helping to reward and compensate employees, organize employee movement within a company, manage life and special events, and even offboarding employees is now a streamline process for HR departments.


We will continue to dive into the benefits of HR automation in the upcoming week. Until then, if you would like to know more, we invite you to schedule a demo today!