G7 Tech Services Partners with American Refining Group, Inc.

Oct 5, 2020

G7 Tech Services Partners with ARG on Scenario-Based Budgeting and Forecasting

Austin, Texas – American Refining Group, the oldest continuously operating oil refinery in the US and the birthplace of the US domestic oil industry, is the newest addition to the ever-expanding client list for G7 Tech Services.  They join other distinguished national and international companies choosing to partner with this boutique consulting company on the rise.

“I was thrilled when ARG reached out to us. I’m excited to join forces with this cornerstone of the oil and gas industry,” said G7 Founder and CEO Odeta Pine.  “ARG found themselves struggling with scenario-based budgeting and forecasting through Covid-19 and knew Excel was no longer cutting it.”  ARG was ready to make better business decisions and to make them quickly.  “The ability to click a button and get weekly budgeting and forecasting was desirable to them.  We are fast, easy and very accurate.”

G7 focuses on five specialties:

  • Financial Planning and Analysis
  • Operational and Informational Reporting
  • Budget Planning and Forecasting
  • Supply Chain and Demand Planning
  • Predictive Analytics

G7 has partnered with giants such as the Jamaica Public Service Co, MLB and NHL Network and other name brands.  For case studies of previous and current partnerships, visit the G7 website.

About G7 Tech Services

G7 Tech Services is an upcoming startup out of Austin, Texas.  This boutique consulting company specializes in providing customized data-driven solutions.  G7 uses business intelligence, corporate performance management, and predictive analytics to small and medium-sized businesses. In a variety of industries, specifically credit unions, sporting industries, nonprofits, energy companies and much more.