ENEL Success Story

Mar 6, 2024

Enel Success Story

Pyplan Partners with ENEL on Margin Distribution Planning System

About ENEL

ENEL is an Italian company with world-wide investments. In the last years the grew a lot in Brazil, and became the largest private company in the Brazilian electricity sector.

ENEL, plays an important role in the entire energy chain, with activities in the areas of transmission, generation, distribution and marketing. It has four electricity distribution companies in the states of Rio de Janeiro, Ceará, Goiás and São Paulo that supply energy to 18.3 million customers.

Our story with ENEL

Pyplan partners with ENEL two years ago when the group began to unify margin management criteria between distributors to support decision-making and generate risk and opportunity analyses.

The initial goal was to implement a solution that met the needs of each distributor in a single system.

To develop the tool they required Pyplan integrated different processes in order to achieve a specific goal: creating a collaborative system where employees can create margin simulations and centralize information from the distributors to speed up the flow of information.

A tailored solution

Pyplan was the tailored solution that allowed to create a collaborative environment within ENEL.The tailored solution that allowed to create a collaborative environment within ENEL.

Pyplan’s implementation helped to develop a system that projects the margin of each distributor, considering the following modules:

  • Regulatory model that complies with ENEL’s current regulatory
  • Energy planning
  • Energy balance
  • Financial projections for all
  • Consolidation of financial projections with the rules of each distributor

With Pyplan, ENEL was able to allocate margin accounts according to the board of directors requirements and export the report directly to the rest of the executives.

Benefits of Pyplan Implementations

After implementing the solution, we succeeded in integrating the processes of ENEL distributors and speeding up the internal flow of information.

This are some of the benefits achieved:

  • Standardization of margin modeling for all distributors
  • Standardization of interfaces for system inputs/outputs
  • Easy maintenance of regulatory rules
  • Faster updating of versions/scenarios
  • Standardization of Forecast and Budget processes
  • Creation of dashboards for information consumption