Do you know how automation is transforming HR? The incredible future is coming

Jul 18, 2022

In recent years, we have seen industries transform by implementing technology across company departments. One of the major transformations that we have seen is how automation is transforming HR (specifically). Ultimately, by implementing automation frees up time, and saves money — time and money that then can be allocated to different projects. Below are just a few examples of how the human resource department is benefiting from automation. 


Benefits of Automation in HR

Here are some of the ways in which automation is transforming HR.


Recruiting and Onboarding Employees

Sourcing, screening and selecting candidates — Automation shortens the time needed to find the ideal candidate by scouting potential employees and scanning through resumes. 

  • Automation can easily match resumes to skill sets defined by HR for the position by scanning. 
  • It can streamline confirmation of academic qualifications and professional certifications.
  •  It can even help check employment history, references, and criminal background. 
  • It can also bridge siloed systems to make them work together in a seamless way.


Managing pre-employment verification

Automation removes the long traditional call waits on many verification places.


Onboarding new employees

The first day on the job should be an exciting time because the new employees are learning, and meeting new people! The reality, however, is that the first day is not exciting as it’s spent on tasks such as time entry, sickness, vacation, health insurance and more.


Automation helps them focus on what matters most: coaching and delivering great human experiences that help new employees have a more rewarding and fun career.


Creating and managing reports

Automation eliminates manual time-consuming data cleansing, transformation, report building and distribution. It also avoids the human error that can happen when using Excel.


Posting job descriptions

Automation streamlines the search and connection to all the systems/portals where many companies post the job opening. Additionally, it offers real-time notifications and job search analytics.


This image shows puzzle pieces with drawings of people within each piece. This image is used for the G7 tech blog titled, “Do you know how automation is transforming HR? The incredible future is coming!”


Every single one of the points listed above are critical when recruiting and onboarding employees. That said, they are also major time-inhibitors for HR teams! Especially given that we are now hiring candidates from across the globe.



Final Thoughts

Note that the above information regarding how automation is transforming HR is just the tip of the iceberg! In the next few years we will see a lot of companies make use of automation within their human resource departments. As previously mentioned, this will drastically impact companies’ bottom lines and free up both time and money to devote to other projects and overall company growth.