Data Warehousing


G7 Tech Services is on a mission to help clients organize, extract, transform, and analyze the extensive amounts of data generated by day-to-day operations. One way we accomplish this mission is through our Data Warehousing Services.

Data Warehousing involves collecting data from multiple sources (siloed or not) in a central repository. It is meant to support:

Business Intelligence

Data Analysis

Reporting Activities

to help clients make better and faster strategic business decisions.


At G7 Tech Services, we’re on a mission to help companies across the Big 5 Departments of Finance, Operations, Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain & Demand, and Human Resources to establish a clear business growth strategy.

By integrating superior digital technology into formerly non-digital manual processes, we give our clients the tools they need to provide more value to their customers and employees.


Data Warehousing allows for a more efficient and streamlined business, which contributes to enhanced performance and increased revenue.

Why Does Data
Warehousing Matter?

Data Warehousing is vital to companies that process significant amounts of data as part of their corporate-level strategy or business-level strategy.

The following are some of the top benefits it offers:

  • Increases efficiency by ensuring data is easily accessible
  • Provides data quality and consistency while also eliminating repetition
  • Allows for easy access to historical data and information on past business activities
  • Allows for faster, easier, and more informed decision making

Our Partners


Industries We Work With

G7 Tech Services currently works with organizations in the following industries, providing corporate-level strategy and business-level strategy support:




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Data Warehousing Process

1. Identifying Business Objectives

2. Collecting and Analyzing Data

3. Identifying Core Business Processes

4. Construct Conceptual Data Models

5. Set Tracking Duration

6. Implement the Plan

We prioritize careful planning and assessment through each stage of our warehousing data strategies to help you achieve your business objectives and see the best results


What’s the difference between Data Warehousing and Data Mining?

Data Warehousing is a process that brings relevant data together. Data Mining involves analysis and identifying patterns.

What’s the difference between a Data Warehouse and a Database?

Data Warehouses are primarily used for collecting and reviewing historical data for future decision-making, and databases aid in the execution of basic processes and procedures.

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