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A successful partnership should create new opportunities for you, upgrade the quality of the products you sell, be a great support system for you and earn you more money. Becoming a business partner with G7 is the fastest way to offer quality custom business intelligence services to your current and new clients.

Here’s why you should team up with us:

  • We use a “Human Based” approach that goes beyond Business Intelligence into Business Wisdom.
  • We have 21+ years of collective technical and business experience with medium to large organizations in multiple industries.
  • We have experience with both medium and large organizations in multiple industries.
  • You can benefit from better production processes than the “Big Guy” Consultants (“increased efficiency” is our favorite phrase!).
  • Our deep technical knowledge in BOARD International, Tableau, Power BI & other BI & Budgeting & Planning Tools can be used for your project.
  • Our highly reliable and effective partner support program pays equal attention to all our partners.


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