American Refining Group Case Study

The Challenge

American Refining Group is the oldest continuously operating oil refinery in the US and the birthplace of the US domestic oil industry. When they reached out to G7 Tech Services they were struggling with scenario-based budgeting and forecasting through COVID-19. Even as a major player in the industry, ARG was relying heavily on Excel for its financial planning. That reliance was creating an unnecessarily lengthy process that also required them to input data monthly in addition to running quality control on the data as it was imported and organized.

The Solution

Our goal was to enable the ability to click a button and receive weekly budgeting and forecasting data in hours, not days.
To do so, we first thoroughly mapped the current process and worked with the c-suite team to identify what their goals & needs were so that any solution implemented would meet these.
Next we thoroughly analyzed the data, particularly where it was housed and how it was retrieved. With this knowledge G7 Tech Services built, from scratch, a fast, flexible, dynamic, real-time Budgeting, Planning, Reporting & Forecasting solution.

The Benefits

Since working with G7 Tech Services, American Refining Group’s leadership has taken advantage of scenario-based planning and forecasting in nearly real-time. Understanding and evaluating their custom-built dashboard became a pleasure. Their CFO was able to increase time spent on strategic decision-making from 25% to 75% (with World Class averages around 44%!). ARG was also able to decrease the amount required for planning and reporting per cycle from 25 days down to 20 hours.