After Pilot Success, Provident Financial Romania Expands the RPA Implementation and Deployment

Aug 22, 2022

The personal credit company Provident Financial Romania successfully deployed a UiPath robot Pilot Program in their HR Department saving the company 10,000 hours a year. Following the success of the pilot program and the creation of the robot Arya, Provident Financial expanded RPA implementation to include two additional robots, Sherlock and Jorah. This expansion not only helped to further automate the HR department, but several business-critical processes in the Finance and Banking department as well.



The first robot Provident deployed was named Arya, after the wildly popular Game of Thrones series. Her job was to automate the employee on-boarding process, managing all the information and documentation related to potential hires, an important yet tedious job.


Naming Arya after a popular television character was strategic, boosting interest across the company and allowing for quick RPA expansion. As expected, there was initial resistance in some departments about automating processes that until now had been completed by humans, but these detractors were quickly won over.


“After the pilot project, staff couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw Arya completing tasks that most people usually hated to do. From that moment onwards, we got more and more involvement from the HR team to increase the number of people inside the organization and we received multiple requests from different departments to review their processes.”


– Oana Negut • Business Innovation Manager, Provident Financial


The Expansion


Jorah, a UiPath robot named after another GOT character, was developed for the finance department and now completes certain tasks 30x faster than when they were done manually. Not only was productivity increased but all tasks were completed with zero errors. Jorah operates solely in Excel, where human errors in entering complex financial information can easily skew results. This work used to take the finance team nearly 4 hours to complete, but with UiPath RPA technology, the finance team can focus on more meaningful and stimulating work.

Provident financial has now automated 10 different business flows with the help of Sherlock and Jorah. These processes include but aren’t limited to employee health check processing, employee off-boarding, ID Card requests, reconciliation of bank payments to loan customers, and client credit checks with the state Credit Bureau.




Now that Provident Financial Romania has experienced the successes of automation through the deployment of the three robots, they have opened a series of horizontal and vertical opportunities to expand RPA implementation and deployment not just across departments but its parent company as well. With no plans to slow down, Provident Financial has found another 15 processes that could be successfully delivered by software robots.