80% of Americans Experience Tech Frustration Daily. Are you one of them?

Apr 25, 2022

Even technology-savvy people can experience tech frustration. On the surface, advancements in technology have allowed society to achieve incredible things. From video chatting with far-away family members to teaching yourself how to fix a car on YouTube, the consensus is that the addition of technology has made everything better. In the business world, it has allowed us to collect massive amounts of data to guide our decision-making process and can provide opportunities to streamline communication among team members. 


But recent studies reveal that tech frustration is mounting. One would think that the more familiar we become with technology as a society, and the more available it makes itself to us, we would automatically feel relief when utilizing it. However, it seems that the exact opposite is happening in many cases. 


Regardless of whether technology is easy and makes sense or not, we can generally agree as a society that something needs to be done to marry the human side of technology with the efficiency side. As technology evolves, many people are asking, “Is there any semblance of humanity in this device or software”? Thus far, the approach to this notion has been rhetorical. But that is changing. 


Technology Is Frustrating 

According to a recent study, 80% of Americans experience frustration with technology every day. The number goes up to 5 per day for 53% of Americans, and 30% say it is more than five times each day. Shockingly, the study goes on to report that there are some which experience up to 40 daily tech frustrations. Inside of the business world, it’s concerning how much productivity is lost to tech frustrations and the added cost to business’s bottom lines by failing to address this.

This image shows a man, looking at his computer, with his hands up in the air showing his frustration. This image is used in the G7 Tech Services’ article titled, “80% of Americans Experience Tech Frustration Daily. Are you one of them?”

Owner and founder of G7 Tech Services Odeta Pine has made it her mission to decrease the complexities of technology by making it less frustrating for her clients (thus, less tech frustration). The idea that adding a human side to technology may not be new, but there is not much being done about it widely. Pine believes that people’s frustration around technology exists on a subconscious level, which thus frames the way we approach it. “One of the biggest challenges we usually see is breaking that bad mindset about technology.” These mindsets are powerful but are the bad kind of powerful, and it is time to turn the way we view technology on its head.


Humanizing Technology

Though it is a problematic situation, significant strides are being made in the development of merging our human existence with technology. Making technology more human and more relatable makes people’s lives better, brings down frustration, and helps increase one’s quality of life. G7 Tech Services is a “Texas built” company aimed at helping consumers and businesses alike understand that technology can empower greater efficiencies, increase productivity, and enhance communication to spark creativity and propel enterprises further.

This is an artistic image of a woman, with her hair flapping in the wind, and technological images super imposed over her hair. This image is used in the G7 Tech Services’ article titled, “80% of Americans Experience Tech Frustration Daily. Are you one of them?”

Since not every organization has the right team members to “speak tech” and both identify which pieces of technology are the best fit to solve the challenges an organization is facing, but also set up and roll it out to be an asset, not a frustration, G7 Tech Services has stepped up to fill the gap. We may not always be able to humanize technology on our own, but thankfully there are services to help us do just that.


Final Thoughts – Tech Frustration Can Be a Thing of the Past

No one wants to spend a large part of their day trying to get technology to work the way it should. G7 Tech Services has a unique perspective on tech frustrations people experience every day and believes it is possible to develop a healthy relationship with technology. After all, tech products and services should be working for us, not against us.

If you are running a business, you know firsthand that things come to a grinding halt when your company’s tech initiatives are down for even just ten minutes. If time is money, technology is wasting ours. The good news is you are no longer alone. G7 Tech Services is poised and ready to face the challenge of making technology more unactionable and, most importantly, more human. The future has finally caught up to the present, and fighting the good fight towards adding the human element to technology just became that much easier!