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G7 Tech understands that data drives business.

We automate repetitive tasks and integrate data for insightful decision-making.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

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Who Are We

G7 Tech team members have been part of the tech industry for decades. In that time, we’ve learned that cookie-cutter solutions rarely work. We’ve carefully built our team by finding and recruiting the unicorns of the technology industry to ensure that we can design unique, creative solutions that will set technology up to support strategy and innovation.

We make technology easier and more relevant by making it more human

Our Process

Here’s what to expect

1. Solution Breakthrough Session

Sit down with our founder, Odeta Pine, and members of our engineering team so we can fully understand what’s going on, and what needs to happen so we can understand how to craft your custom breakthrough

2. Establish Project Plan

We’ll build out an agile project plan to take care of all of the needs established and lay out a multi-phase strategy to ensure that the most pressing needs are taken care of first, and long-term support and continued evolution is available as well!

3. Implementation Begins

After reviewing the project plan and finalizing timelines, we’ll get to work. We communicate proactively throughout the process and work relentlessly to roll out the solution you need most

4. The Human-Tech Health Check

Once a project is ‘completed’, most firms move on. G7 Tech doesn’t believe in that! We’ll be right beside you long-term, coming back in for human-tech health checks periodically to ensure that things are still working as planned!

Our Partners

Their understanding of data mining, reporting, and presentation of information provides rich, meaningful answers to our company and I am sure they can help you too.
Tony H. CIO, Redwood Credit Union


Make more efficient, effective decisions

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Some of our Clients’ Success Stories

Sports & Media Case Study

MLB suffered from costly and time-consuming data management and reconciliation.

Oil & Gas Case Study

American Refining Group, the oldest continuously operating oil refinery in the US, is the newest addition to the ever-expanding client list for G7 Tech Services.

Financial Services Case Study

First American Payment Systems had been asked to consolidate the accounting for 50+ subsidiary channels into an easy-to-understand, singular location to simplify company financials. G7 came to help…

Some Of Our Clients


“[G7 Tech] performed very well and were very responsive. G7 is family!”

Daniel Stgeorges
CFO at West Nipissing General Hospital

We, without a doubt, could not have accomplished our goal without Odeta and her team. She took the time to learn what we were trying to do, understand how our business works, and build a product that would suit our (very complicated) needs.

Shelby Artymovich
First American Payment Systems

You can rely on G7 in the progress of your projects!

Arturo Castillo

“I feel they [G7 Tech] helped quite a lot! The team is very knowledgeable and easy to work with.”

Emiliano Cresta
American Refining Group

“We’re very happy we found G7 and it’s been working out phenomenally. They’re great at thinking outside of the box,”

Paul Ramos
Major League Baseball